Dallas Police Department

  • CrimeWatch Laison:

    • Officer Keith Allen
    • Keith.Allen@DPD.DallasCityHall.com
    • 214.671.3477

The Dallas Crime Watch is a local community based Interactive Community Policing (ICP) and Homeland Security project. ICP & homeland security work only as well as the local participation allows. The ICP unit of the Dallas Police Department maintains officers dedicated to local areas of the city and is very accessible to local community. ICP officer for questions and concerns is:

To Learn more about Crime Watch in Dallas, click here or call Crime Prevention Specialists at the Central Patrol Substation at: 214-670-5061

If your local crime watch group wishes to integrate with the Dallas Crime Watch or you would like your meetings and agenda displayed here, please send us the relevant information via our Feedback page. Once we receive your eMail, we will create a section for your group with pages you can update.

Sample Group Listing

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